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Cleveland Snow Hawks Snowmobile Club Logo

The success of the sport of snowmobiling in Wisconsin didn't just happen--it was caused. Caused by dedicated individuals who truly loved the sport. Special people who set their sights on the problems facing an infant sport and targeted those things which made our sport grow and become respectable. During the early 1970's concerned snowmobilers in almost every community in Wisconsin, including Cleveland, formed local snowmobile clubs and began working to save the sport. In February of 1970 the first meeting of the Cleveland Snowhawks was called to order. The club was incorporated on September of 1972. Memories and dedication of years to come. Trail bosses contact land owners to obtain permission to mark snowmobile trails on their land. It is a privilege, not a right to ride on the trails. Trails are marked by members of the club. Each sled operating in Wisconsin will be required to display a Wisconsin trail pass, to be purchased annually. You are able to order your trail pass through the AWSC website: www.awsc.org.

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